Happy Cows 

At Thomasson Farms we pride ourselves on the efforts we make to ensure the health and wellbeing of our cows. We strive to provide excellent facilities that maximise all our animals’ comfort and health, as we know happy cows provide the highest quality and most nutritious milk.  
Our dairy team members are highly skilled and attend regular internal and external training, workshops, and staff meetings. We also work closely with leading veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure all our animals receive exactly what they need from balanced diets and the highest levels of veterinary care. 
Supplying milk to both Tesco and Sainsburys, we have regular audits that make certain we maintain the best standards and remain proactive, whilst helping us continually improve. 
On top of providing the highest levels of care, we are part of an exciting genetics programme to further improve our herd health. It's no secret that the use of genomics in the dairy industry has not only improved cow performance, but also had a remarkably positive impact on cow health, hugely decreasing levels of disease in herds all over the world.  
To ensure our cows' wellbeing, we genomically test all of our animals in search of those with the highest production ability along with disease resistance. We then carry out an extensive embryo transfer programme on those highest genetic merit animals to continue improving the health and performance of our herd.  
Combining excellent genetics, quality nutrition and first-class cow care allows our cows reach their optimal milk producing potential. Our attention to detail ensures our cows produce top quality milk, more efficiently than ever before. 
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