What Is It? 

BioBloom Soil Enricher is a peat free, natural fertiliser which has a similar texture to compost. It is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (known as N:P:K) and packed with micro-nutrients that plants need to achieve superior yield and growth. BioBloom is also an effective weed suppressant and slug repellent. BioBloom is PAS110 approved under the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme.  
We thoroughly test BioBloom to ensure it contains the perfect blend of the major nutrients. The Nitrogen (N) boosts leafy growth and is most needed in Spring and early Summer. Phosphorus (P) promotes root development, and Potassium (K) helps flowers and fruit to form. 

How Is It Made? 

BioBloom is made using the by-product of an Anaerobic Digestor which is a renewable energy plant at our main farm. Unlike many other natural fertiliser suppliers on the market, our Digester is almost entirely waste fed. 
Waste slurry is fed to the Digester, which breaks it down over several months. This process releases biogas to generate electricity, which powers our farms. All surplus electricity is exported to the grid, powering over 1500 homes. The solid material left is a nutrient dense natural fertiliser: BioBloom Soil Enricher. The liquid is extracted to produce BioBloom Liquid, a concentrated fertiliser.  
The most exciting thing about BioBloom is that it offers gardeners a highly effective, peat free solution that is 100% sustainable! We are well on our way to being a net zero milk producer by producing renewable energy from waste.  

How Do I Use It? 

BioBloom can be applied directly from the bag, either as a no-dig mulch around new and established plants, as a top dressing to bare soil in a layer approximately 3-4 inches deep. 
It can also be mixed thoroughly into soil or compost, mixing 50% BioBloom with 50% soil. 
BioBloom is used all year round to replenish soils and boost plant growth.  
It is perfect for all gardens, borders, vegetable patches and pots as it provides valuable nutrients, revives tired soils, feeds plants, and supports the soil eco-system. 

Sizes & Delivery 

BioBloom Soil Enricher is available in 40L bags or 750L bulk/tote bags.  
BioSoil Blend is available in 600L bulk bags.  
BioBloom Liquid comes in handy 5L bottles.  
We also supply the liquid in 1000L IBC's, suitable for large grounds, sports greens and allotment users to share. 
For larger requirements we supply BioBloom in bulk loose, please get in touch for a quote.  
We deliver to all UK postcodes, and offer FREE tote bag delivery to local addresses which includes all CW, SK, CH1-4 and WA16 and WA13 postcodes.  
BioBloom Tote Bag Deliveries  
Select 'Local Delivery' at checkout if you qualify for free tote bag delivery. Write any instructions in the 'comments' box. We will deliver on a van with a crane at a time and place to suit you.  
For national delivery select 'UK delivery'. Tote bags will be delivered on a pallet courier with a tail lift. 
Write any delivery instructions or requests in the comments box at check out.  
The delivery charge for 1 pallet is £35, and each extra tote bag will incur a £20 cost. For example, 2 tote bags of BioBloom Soil Enricher will incur a delivery charge of £55.  
40L bag - £16 
750L bulk bag - £69 

BioSoil Blend 

We also offer a ready mixed, ready to plant into product, BioSoil. It is a ready mixed blend of BioBloom and our clean, screened topsoil. It is ideal for gardeners who need to improve the quality of their soil, or are looking to fill baskets or raise borders.  
This mixture is a brilliant way to quickly improve the look of your garden, and is ready to be planted directly into. Use it on all areas, from large borders, patches and raised beds to baskets and window boxes. 
600L bulk bag - £110 
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